Swarm Removal

The following club members will remove swarms of bees. Check the list of beekeepers below and find one close to where the bee swam is located.

Swarm Removal

If you are a beekeeper in the Dunn County area and would like to be added to this list please contact me at maryp@dunncountybeekeepers.org

The 2012 swarm season has started early this year with three swarms reported by our beekeepers on May first.

Thanks to Mary L for providing this image. Last year's swarm pictures follow below.

This is the first swarm reported to me in Dunn County. It is in a small apple tree about 200 feet from the other bee hives. The bees were successfully captured and installed in a new hive on Wednesday 6-22-2011. Before landing, they were buzzing around the tree and caught my attention 50 feet away and in the house.

This slideshow is pictures of Paul Will's removal of bees from a garage wall. The comb filled 2 deep brood boxes and a 30 gallon trash can of comb and honey. The extraction took 5 hours.

Here are two pictures of the hive removed from the New Hope Pine Creek Church during the week of June 26, 2011. The picture on the right shows a foot of the 5 feet of comb removed. The left photo shows a bit of the second-floor joist space filled with comb. The bees were relocated along with 9 frames of brood and honey comb and seem to be doing well in their new location.