Pollinator Friendly Habitat Group

Pollinator Friendly Habitat (PFH)

Dunn County Beekeepers Association Subgroup

Meeting Place / Time: The group meets in Room 116 at the Menomonie Alliance Church, 502 21st St. N, Menomonie, WI 54751; at 6 p.m. on the same Monday nights that the Dunn County Beekeepers group meets.

Contact: Jenny Gruber, jmgwis@wwt.net; Ph: 715-875-4656

Minutes may be viewed here…

Purpose of the Pollinator Friendly Habitat (PFH) subgroup is to improve pollinator health (such as bees, butterflies and birds), and especially the honeybee by:

    • Educating ourselves and others on the need for PFH; how to create and maintain it; plus, the importance of pollinators

    • Identifying resources and preparing materials on what plants, shrubs, and trees are best for pollinator habitat (both small and large plots) plus various soil types for our area

    • Identifying sources for PFH seeds, plants, trees, and shrubs

    • Learning about pest management and how it effects pollinators

    • Identifying what changes to pest management practices could help pollinators

    • Identifying programs that provide funding assistance to establish PFH

    • Identifying existing organizations that support the creation and maintenance of PFH

Summary of interests

    • PFH seed sources / sharing plants & seed

Best non-GMO plants for pollinators

Toxic plants for bees

    • Government programs/resources

Use of Wetlands Reserve Program Land (WRP) for PFH

Use of Conservation Reserve Program Land (CRP) for PFH

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for PFH

PFH for back yards and small plots

    • Effects of pesticides/herbicides on bees and pollinators

    • How to get neighbor’s support

    • Monarch life cycle / habitat

    • Keeping Members informed

Products we could create

    • Lists of good plants, poisonous plants, seed sources and government programs

    • Handouts to share with community organizations like beekeeping groups; 4-H; gardening groups; FFA; others who plant to support pollinators; family and friends

    • Materials for County Fair booth

    • Presentation materials for speaking at meetings

    • Materials for town / county board for use in timing of mowing ditches

    • Collecting/sharing seeds and plants

    • Facebook page for interested people

    • Email group via beekeeper web page: habitat@dunncountybeekeepers.org