Beekeeping ordinances in Dunn County:

Download this PDF file and search for "13.3.4 Honeybees, Keeping of " (applies to R1, R2, R3)

and also "Apiculture" (applies to IA, PA and GA agricultural zones)

Dunn County Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance


The above link to Ordinances apply to townships that have adopted County Zoning. Check the Planning & Zoning Division page for an up to date listing of townships.


New Haven, Sheridan, Wilson (exclusive agriculture), Tiffany, Hay River, Otter Creek, Grant (exclusive agriculture), Sherman, Tainter, Colfax, Lucas (exclusive agriculture), Menomonie, Red Cedar, Weston, Dunn, Peru & Stanton.


Other municipalities:

City of Eau Claire

Eau Claire County

Chippewa County is not very specific to beekeeping but under Sec 70-8 Definitions (44) “Farms” it talks about bees etc.

City of Altoona



Dunn County UW-Extension

Wisconsin Honey Producers Assoc.

American Beekeeping Federation

National Honey Board



“Backyard Beekeeping” (book in PDF form, 48 pages) from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System

The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids

University of Minnesota "Free-bee" information

U of MN The Bee Lab

Organically Managed Beekeeping Podcast

Warre´ "Beekeeping For All"



Electric Fencing for Bears from Long article and not specifically for beehives

Electric Fencing for Beehives from U of Michigan Short article with different spacing



Wrapping Honey Bee Colony for a Northern Winter

Wrapping Honey Bee Colony for a Northern Winter with Tar Paper



How to identify honey bee colony dead-outs because of high varroa levels

Powder sugar roll for Varroa mites

Practical sampling plans for Varroa mites

DATCP Pest and Disease Management of Honey Bees

Pest Control Treatments approved by the State of Wisconsin

"Scientific Beekeeping" Varroa Mite control

"Scientific Beekeeping" Integrated Pest Management for Varroa Mites



American Honey Queen Program

Wisconsin Rules for selling honey

Save The Hive - Feral bee locations

Warre´ (The People's Hive) hive plans, from the book "Beekeeping For All"

A new honey bee infection transmitted by Varroa mites? YouTube video by Jim Burritt UW Stout



WEAU TV 13 interview on the February 2017 beekeeping workshop

Learn all about raising honeybees in The Dunn County News

The buzz on beekeeping in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram

White House Honey

“Sepsis and Hemocyte Loss in Honey Bees” research by James B. Burritt, UW Stout Biology Professor

A new honey bee infection transmitted by Varroa mites? by Jim Burritt, University of Wisconsin-Stout, may be viewed on YouTube.