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March Beekeeping Meeting

posted Mar 2, 2018, 6:20 PM by Mary Phillips   [ updated Mar 10, 2018, 5:58 PM ]

Dunn County Beekeepers Association

Menomonie Alliance Church Room 116

Agenda March 12, 2018 7 P.M.


Meeting called to order at ____ .

Roll call –   ___  attendees

Secretary Report

Treasurer Report


Old Business

  1. Organization topic – Dunn County fair booth entry fee


New Business

  1. Mite check method – Alcohol wash Dave W.

  2. Mite check treatment - Oxalic Acid vaporizing Dave W.

  3. Installation of a NUC – Tom P.

  4. Visit of Honey processing facility in Osseo

  5. Presentation by Chad Alberg on bears and fencing


Meeting adjourned at _____ p.m.


Pollinator Friendly Habitat group to meet following meeting.


Open discussion - Hive updates from group


Upcoming events:

  1. March 17th - NW WHPA District meeting in Knapp at 10 a.m.; Pot luck; Matt LaForge guest speaker; items for Queen Auction fund raising.

  2. April 9th - meeting is at U.W. Stout to hear Jim Burritt speak on latest research. Room 110 Jarvis Hall, Science Wing at 7 p.m. Invite sent to many clubs.


Please send requested agenda topics to Jenny at


If you have a ‘show and tell’ item, bring to the meeting. Frames of unusual nature or left over from a dead out are welcome.


What to do this month

Get feeder containers and sugar ready to feed new bees and overwintered bees

Get pollen patty for protein source to feed with syrup

Order bees if you haven’t already

Clean out dead outs when you can get to them

Subscribe to Bee Culture and/or American Bee Journal

Review WI Honey Bee pest treatment options and understand when to use or not to use

Read up on Varroa – Honey Bee Health has a great site with many videos:

Honey Bee Health Coalition Tools for Varroa Management