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February Beekeeping Meeting

posted Feb 9, 2018, 5:57 PM by Mary Phillips

Dunn County Beekeepers Association

Menomonie Alliance Church Room 116

Agenda Feb 12, 2018      7 P.M.


Meeting called to order at ______.

Roll call –   ____ attendees

Secretary’s Report – please review minutes on the club website

Treasurer Report –   Note:  Club dues of $5 were due in January.

Old Business

  1. Organization topic – Dunn County fair booth entry fee – update from Steve F.

  2. SOP on Club hive – Willie M.

  3. Bylaws – re-write with input from Dane County and NW District; please review prior to meeting.

New Business

1.      Workshop summary

  • Number of registrations / co-guests

  • Number of club members

  • Comments from group

2.  Bee supplier handout – was part of workshop package; copies at meeting. Please look for separate email regarding orders from Black River Apiaries.

3.  Mite check methods – demonstrations – should check packages

  • Powder sugar roll – Jenny G.

  • Alcohol wash – Dave W.

    4.  Small hive beetle – why troublesome? How to trap?

  1. Installing a package – Jenny G. and Volunteer

  2. Feeding in Spring – bring your feeders and share how you use them

  3. Record keeping – volunteers

  4. Daytona Organic high oleic sunflower seeds to share with those present – Jenny G.

  5. Hints for beekeepers – Jenny – sent with agenda; any questions?


Meeting adjourned at  _____

Hive updates from group


Next month

Varroa mite control methods – club members share methods they use

  • Drone removal methods

  • Break in brood cycle

    • Splits

    • Re-queening

  • Treatment methods

    Demonstrate NUC installation


    Coming up:    March 18th is NW WHPA District meeting in Knapp – potluck, auction of donated items to support Queen program.

                March club meeting presenter – Chad Alberg, Bear in Wisconsin, fencing guidelines

    April club meeting at Stout with Jim Burritt

    August meeting will be on first Monday August 6 rather than August 13

    What to do in February and March – see ‘Calendar for Keeping Bees’ on web site

                Find a bee supplier and order bees

    Check bees – enough honey/candy? Be prepared to feed.

    Get equipment ready – order/assemble/paint or clean up used equipment

                Catch up on reading / research; Join a club; Subscribe to a magazine