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August Beekeeping Meeting

posted Aug 12, 2018, 7:15 AM by Mary Phillips

Dunn County Beekeepers Association

Menomonie Alliance Church Room 116

502 21st St N, Menomonie, WI 54751

Agenda for August 13, 2018 7 p.m.


Meeting called to order at _______ .

Roll call –     ____ attendees

Secretary Report –  

Treasurer Report –


Old Business


  1. T-Shirts – Mary B.

  2. Dunn County Fair review – Veronica K.

  3. Nominating committee report – Mary L.

  4. Picnic report – Jenny G.

  5. Honey Processing Center tour – Jenny G.

  6. WHPA summer meeting – Jenny G.

New Business

  1. Honey Bee pest management options 2018 – Jenny G.



  2. Feeding bees in time of dearth – Mary L.

  3. Mite-a-Thon Sept 8th – 15th

  4. Leave no child inside – Knapp Pheasants Forever day for kids/families

  5. Christmas party coordinator

Meeting adjourned at ____ p.m.


Open discussion - Hive updates from group


Upcoming events:

September 10th, next meeting


Please send requested agenda topics to Jenny G. at


What to do this in July / August

            See web site for suggestions -

Pull honey and extract

            Feed if honey supers are pulled and no forage

            Close entrance to largest opening

            Check for mites and treat if warranted

            Provide water source near hives

            Clean up around apiary in prep for winter

            Plan for winterizing – gather materials

            Put together mite check kit it you haven’t already